Notre équipe

Cécile Brazilier

Founder of Moderato School


Cécile Brazilier create this school in 2018, based on the model of the Moderato Pantin school she had followed up in its early days. She ran the school for 5 years, always striving to provide the best pedagogical conditions for the children, to be inclusive despite all the difficulties this represents for a small school, and finally to offer a sustainable environment and ecological awareness.

She worked with the teachers to put together an effective pedagogical project, in which the children could open up and be happy while learning. The organization of a truly multilingual environment enabled the children to quickly become bilingual in Spanish and French. The children who have benefited from this teaching have grown from the experience, strengthened by the knowledge they have acquired. The presence of parents at our side also made the project coherent and effective. It’s by working in cohesion with families that we win and can bring the best to the children. That’s why to transfer the management of the school to a parents’ association (NGO) was the most natural thing to do.

Cécile Brazilier stepped down as director in September 2023 and now works as a consultant (as volunteer) for the Moderato School Parents’ Association (NGO), which currently runs the school.

Alexia Iñigo Menezo

Educator: Class 15 months-3 years

Born in Barcelona, Alexia has spent a large part of her education and professional career in Switzerland. She has received a degree in Montessori Teaching for 0-6 years olds (From AMI-Geneva) and a TSEF (Senior ‘Technician’ in Childhood Education) degree.

She is passionate about child education, her vocation and admiration for the Montessori philosophy emerged from her childhood, school guidance and her family’s links with the International Montessori Center Palau-Girona.

Alexia has accumulated more than 7 years of experience in the education sector in Montessori Schools in French-speaking Switzerland (Nyon) with different stages from 0 to 6 years old and then in Barcelona. Her linguistic skills allow her to address children in French, Catalan and Spanish, as well as in English.

Of a young and open character, her hobbies include; the study of child pedagogical activities, the innovation in this field are part of her hobbies, and cultural trips.

Isabelle Des Longchamps

Isabelle Des Longchamps

Educator: Class 3-6 years

Her studies led her to spend a year in Spain in Seville and a few months in Africa in Dakar.

During a field study in an NGO in Dakar, she worked with street children. She participated with educators in marauding to meet them and give literacy classes. It was during this trip that her vocation for pedagogy was born, even though her interest in education had long been one of her passions.

Back in Paris, she discovered the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori (ISMM) and decided to train as an AMI educator for 3-6 years old. Freshly graduated, she left for Canada for a year where she worked as a French educator at the Montessori school in Montreal.

After this first experience she decided to return to Paris where she was offered a position at the Montessori School of Paris (which is the application school attached to the ISMM). She spent four years in this structure, which was very rich in learning, pedagogical innovations and experience with children. She observes the importance of a secure physical and psychological environment that favors the pleasure of learning but also allows the child to reveal himself: “the child is a unique individual: to learn he must feel accepted, loved, secure and an actor in an environment that encourages, nourishes and supports him” Maria Montessori.

Yamila Castells

Yamila Castells

Classroom Assistant 3-6 years

Yamila spent her childhood in Argentina, surrounded by rivers, forests and strong winds. Her passions are education and music.
Her curiosity to discover the world led her to live in different cities and countries, until she decided to move to Barcelona in 2010.

She first studied art history, photography and music. After graduating, she started collaborating with NGOs by organizing photography workshops. She continued as a volunteer in various educational, artistic and environmental projects over the following years.

Years later, while working in the south of France, she realized that education was her true calling and chose to pursue her professional career in that direction. In the context of teaching music, she then developed a different approach to music, focusing on exploration, development of the senses, enjoyment and following the rhythm of the students.

In 2015, she became a Cambridge University Certified English Teacher. Continuing to refine her teaching methodology she focused on the interests and needs of students, and the importance of the physical and emotional environment in building their confidence and providing a positive learning experience. She specialized in childhood and discovered the joy of storytelling, music, free play, art and science projects into educational activities.

All of these experiences inspired her to become a Montessori guide. She strongly believes that observation, effective communication and self-awareness are the key for children’s development.
In her spare time, Yamila is passionate about world music, playing drums, studying evolutionary astrology and practicing Qi Gong.