(3-6 years old)

The learning domains of the Children’s Home are:


Speech Construction: thanks to vocabulary cards or collective moments

Reading: thanks to the tough letters, the child learns to read and write by using the parts of the brain that are essential when it comes to learning to read. The syllabic method will then allow the learning process to continue.

Writing: thanks to the repetition of the drawing of circular or rectilinear forms is the basis of writing.

Without any limit in their learning, children often learn to read at the age of 4 years, according to their natural needs.

Sciences:  in the Children’s Home, sciences are mainly used to enrich the child’s vocabulary about the living world, whether plant or animal.

Mathematics and Calculation: before approaching the conceptual notion of numbers, the children will manipulate quantities for a long time (in the form of counters, beads, etc.). Then, from about 4 years old, numbers are integrated and finally calculations.

Geography:   the manipulation of puzzle maps of the different countries and continents engage the child in the knowledge of the world. When they feel ready, they can begin to make the link between this symbolic representation and their knowledge (the animals of a country, its landscapes, etc.)

Practical Life:  in the continuity of the Children’s Community, the children of the Children’s House continue to learn autonomy and refine their dexterity by manipulating smaller and smaller objects.

The Sensorial Material: Just before approaching mathematics, the activities of the sensorial area allow children to measure quantities, to compare, to classify.

Thanks to the free choice of learning (see in our website: the Montessori pedagogy),children commit themselves in this learning with a lot of pleasure and therefore a lot of efficiency.

Far from pulling the oldest children down, the mix of ages allows them to be valued in the help they bring to the youngest ones.

Activities other than Montessori:


Once a week pupils of the children’s house do a yoga session with their professional yoga teacher.

The swimming pool for 5 year olds

The swimming pool is an option proposed to 5 years olds (with family permission). Once a week, they can join the primary group to go to the swimming pool.


Once a week pupils of the children’s house do a English morning with a english teacher.


The routine

Outside of the work periods, the key moments of the day are:

– time in the playground at 11am

– lunch at 12:00

– nap time from 1pm to 3pm maximum (for the youngest)

(During these moments the children of the Infant Community are with the 3-year-old of the Children’s Home class)

Activité vie pratique avec cadre d’habillage

Practical life activity with dressing frame

Sensory activity with pink tower