Yoga is an activity offered to all students from Infant Community, Children’s House and to those of Primary school.


    At the beginning of the 20th century, when Maria Montessori developed her pedagogy, there was little mention of physical education. That is why today many Montessori schools make a point of offering a sports education project within their school.

    At Moderato we have chosen to work in partnership with a sports center close to the school (Putxet Sport) which allows the children to have access to quality facilities and to be supervised by sports professionals. The 6-year-olds systematically start with a one-year swimming cycle and then the proposals vary each year: martial arts, hip hop, team sports, …

    Moderato Montessori Barcelona - activitats escolars piscina

    Swimming at the Putxet Sport Center


    At Moderato School, music is taught by Berta Carrera, a music teacher who graduated from the Liceo Conservatory of Music. Berta uses alternative pedagogies for teaching music, Dalcroze and Willems based on rhythm. Based on the natural and constant mobility of children under 6 years old, they use their body as the main instrument.

    To make the music sessions very beneficial, the children are in half groups.

    Musical initiation with Berta Carreras


    The Psychomotricity activity is offered to the children of the Infant Community class (15 months-3 years) at least twice a week in the form of courses elaborated with material: beams, Pikler triangle, tubes, hoops… For their psychomotor development it is fundamental that the children have a more physical activity.


    Once a semester, the Moderato school calls upon an artist to offer a workshop on a chosen theme. Over the course of several days, the children have the time to develop a complex artistic project, to touch on several plastic arts techniques (painting, collage, molding, graphing, etc.) and to produce one or more works which are then presented to parents in the form of an exhibition.


    For two hours a week, a native teacher come to give English class to elementary school.

    School outings

    Finally, once or twice a term, Moderato School organizes school trips to discover the city of Barcelona, a museum, a film festival, a dance festival, etc. We believe that it’s essential for children to be open to the culture and the world around them.

    The little art explorers

    Outings are regularly organized