at Moderato Montessori Barcelona School

Ecology has a fundamental place at Moderato School. The preservation of the animal world, of plant biodiversity, the learning of selective sorting or the fight against food waste… whether it is in the functioning of the school or in the school’s learning, everything is a pretext to educate the children to become eco-citizens.

The selective sorting

The children understand that vegetable waste can be drastically reduced with the use of the lombri-compost when they use the potting soil that is removed for gardening.

The recycling garbage cans are posted throughout the school to encourage students to be environmentally conscious.

In the canteen…

We favor a reduced consumption of meat and we work daily to fight against food waste.

Preservation of animal biodiversity

Observation of a small blackbird who leaves its nest

The opening of our school and the creation of its tree-lined courtyard of 250m2 allowed the insertion of a green area in a rather dense urban fabric. The densification of vegetation over the years has allowed the return of birds, as well as lizards, various insects, …

In addition to observing nature, the children work on making bird feeders, insect hotels, etc.

Preservation of plant biodiversity

With gardening sessions and botanical courses

Green Transportation

Families are strongly encouraged to use public transportation or walk to school.